Monday I started a new series of digital Studies based on landscapes,  This is the first stop I ended up with on Monday evening.  The water hasn’t yet been filled in and very little in the way of detail has been made because this can be considered the ‘underpainting’ of this work.

Brand New Website!

Hello Everyone.  I would like to make the important announcement that my new website is up and running! features a blog which is going to be a mirror of this one, so do not fear, my blogspot is by no means defunct!  Please head over to the website and feel free to give me some feedback!  Thanks.

Dragonfly, my fist digital painting.

I worked as a research assistant for the University of Kentucky during the summer of 2002 catching dragonfly larvae, among other things.  My summertime experiences there as a youth inspired this piece which happened to be my first full effort digital panting and also the first to be editioned, several times actually.  Prints are available.